Screen Shots - Click the links below to see images of the program forms.

Main Menu - This form shows the program flow from top to bottom with administrative functions at the bottom

League Session Player Check-In - Shows easy selection of registered players for session play and quick access at the bottom to add a new player.

Group Selection Form - Form for selecting the number of group for the current session's play.   The program suggests the number based on the number of players checked-in and the default number of players per group (a program option, 3-5 players).

Group Assignments Form - This form is used to review and optionally to reassign players in the draw.

Group Match Sheet Report - Partial view of the printable Group Match Sheet showing players in the group, their ratings and histories, the schedule of matches showing head-to-head competition records between players, and space to record the match game results.

Group Match Results Entry - This form is used to select matches to enter results for.   The matches are listed in the same order as the Group Match Sheet used to record them.  Simply select the "Enter Game Results" button to be taken to the form for entry of that match's game results.

Game Results Entry - This form appears once entry of results for a specific match has been made.   Entry of game scores determines who won the match which is displayed at the bottom. Entry is accomplished by clicking the winning player of the game and clicking the losing score or entering the score if the losing score is greater than 11.

Administrative Menu - The menu of administrative functions.

Club Reports Menu - The menu of available reports.

Status Report - Partial view of a league status report.   This version is sorted by rating and shows rating change information as well as match and game records.